Where do the products come from?

Due to our direct contacts in the region, the products come from West Africa (Senegal, Burkina Faso, Gambia). We are constantly looking for hidden talents in different African countries, which can change the origin of the products.

It is important to us that the designers’ products are made locally and come from sustainable production.

How do you ensure that the products come from sustainable and fair production?

We are in direct contact with every single one of the designers and producers. We know each other personally and we visit our partners on site about once a year.

We only work with those designers or producers who can follow the FairLabels philosophy and thus implement sustainable production methods on their own initiative.

The products are higher priced – why is that?

The international market is tough. Products that are mass-produced can of course be offered many times cheaper.

Our local partners manufacture the products in loving and complex manual work. It is important to us that not only the materials come from sustainable production, but that everyone involved in the production process receives fair wages. In addition to this, it is a logistic challenge to import products from Africa into Austria.

How do you identify designers and producers?

Through our regular trips to the countries of origin of the products and our existing contacts, we are often referred to talents.

We then make direct contact with the designers and producers, inquire about production methods and materials and check the products for quality.

The product I like is already sold out. Can you say if this product will be available again anytime soon?

Almost all the products are handmade one-offs. If your favorite product is currently sold out, we unfortunately cannot say when it will be available again, as the availability of the materials (e.g. the fabric sample) depends on local availability.

We keep you informed about new entries via Facebook, Instagram and our newsletter so that you can get your favorite product the next time đŸ˜‰

Why don’t you have Fair Trade certification?

The available Fair Trade certifications are associated with a very, very high financial and organizational effort, which would pose capacitive challenges on us as well as on our local partners.

We have therefore made a conscious decision to forego international certification, as we are in close contact with our partners and make regular on-site visits.