Our partners

Atelier Rabbal

Rabbal is a woven fabric from Senegal and Guinea-Bissau, which is traditionally made by hand in various bright colors. The geometric designs are mainly inspired by fertility symbols. The fabrics are traditionally worn on special occasions such as weddings and births.

The founder of Atelier Rabbal – Khady Niang – comes from a weaver family. The family has been devoted to artistic weaving for seven generations. Originally, Khady did not have the ambition to work as a weaver. She attended university and is currently working in the financial industry. And yet Khady felt a deep connection to the fabric and the craftsmanship and thought it was a shame that the fine woven fabric was almost forgotten next to the more well-known colorful wax print fabrics. She combines the woven fabrics with high-quality leather and processes the materials into incomparable design products.

Chouette Mama

Chouette Mama is a small team of Senegalese women led by a passionate and energetic woman who started the natural cosmetics brand.

Nine years ago, she decided to set up her handicraft laboratory in Popenguine, a small, peaceful village on the Senegalese coast, 70 km from Dakar. The place is timeless and permeated with unchangeable serenity.

Chouette Mama has built a network of suppliers, producers, women’s groups, craftsmen and associations in the village, in the region and throughout the country.

Chouette Mama is determined to give the region real dynamism and at the same time to offer a cosmetic line with high-quality ingredients that are 100% natural.

Madame Dakar

The Madame Dakar label was created through the interaction of three talented people who met in Dakar. They had everything it needed: the know-how, the golden hands and a network. And they were united by one basic idea: They had the common idea and the deep desire to show what Africa and especially Senegalese craftsmen have to offer.

Madame Dakar is a team of 3: a designer, a shoemaker and a salesman. They create their works together, everyone has their place in the team and Madame Dakar exists thanks to the role of everyone. Great attention and value is placed on the quality of the materials, as well as the loving and detailed processing.

Safi Sana Sansibar

Safi Sana Sansibar is an Austrian-Zanzibarian women’s project which was launched in 2016 by Susanne and Naomi Nebel. With the help of Austrian volunteers from fashion and design, they founded a label that produces colorful accessories from traditional African fabrics. Safi Sana Sansibar currently employs five seamstresses – all our products are lovingly made by hand.

The women from economically disadvantaged situations enable themselves to earn a regular income by selling the products. “Safi Sana” (Swahili) = “Very good / very beautiful”


Wepiawax is a clothing brand that processes African fabrics such as wax print, Bogolan, Koko Dunda and others. The fashion label was created by a young girl from Burkina Faso who lives in Senegal. The idea of founding a fashion label came to her while studying pharmacy in Dakar. After some thought and concern, she decided to launch on January 5th, 2017. Today’s vision is to make Wepiawax known around the world and a benchmark apparel brand. “Our motivation is our customers, our ambassadors, our supporters, who keep encouraging us not to give up, even when it is difficult. Our motivation is our strong belief, that made it possible for us to build this business and helps us meet the challenges of each day. After all, our motivation is the “light at the end of the tunnel”, our vision for which we work. ”