FairLabels is a platform that promotes and markets high quality design products from Africa. We support African designers directly to gain grounds on international markets

We believe in Africa’s potentials

Africa is rich – rich in innovation and creativity!

It is this positive side of the continent that we want to show and uplift. There is still untapped potential on the African continent. Each time we visit

Africa, we get more and more stunned by all the talented fashion designers and product innovators. For young African entrepreneurs and designers, however, it is still difficult to gain a foothold on the international market. That’s what we want to change with “FairLabels”.

We believe in fair partnerships, fair trade and slow fashion

Fair and sustainable trading is more than a keyword to us – we ensure responsible trading through our close collaboration with the producers.

Due to our network, we are able to identify our partners and their high-quality products and build long-lasting and profound partnerships with a wider impact on local structures and value chains.

We believe in the difference YOU and EVERYONE can make.

In our current times of global insecurities, of recurrent crisis and of unpredictable dynamics, we think that it is high time to believe in the power of each of our (consumer-) choices.

(consumer-) choices. We believe that TOGETHER we can make a difference and enhance our lives. By choosing fair trade products that not only last longer but also improve the livelihoods of the producers, we believe that a different world is possible.


About me

It is great that you are curious to find out who is actually behind FairLabels. My name is Anna Diop and FairLabels is my heart project, an idea that came into my head in 2019.

It all began some 20 years ago, when I set foot on the African continent for the very first time – The Gambia / West Africa to be precise. It was an impressive and, for me, life-changing journey, because since then I have been closely connected to Africa, both professionally and as a family.

I already recognized something on my first trip to The Gambia: the current image of Africa in the media and thus in our heads corresponds only to a small extent to actual reality. On my countless travels and during the time I lived inThe Gambia and Senegal, I have experienced an incredible wealth of creativity, dynamism and innovation.

When I discussed with a good friend at the beginning of 2019 which projects we could implement in Senegal, one thing was clear to me: it should not be a development aid project. Instead, it should be a project that would raise the existing potential of the local people. A project that would certainly help to overcome structural obstacles, but that would be based on the talents of the local people.

The next day I stood at the departure airport in Dakar and during a short tour of the airport and a visit to a “Made in Africa” shop, the design products of the designer Madame Dakar caught my eye – it was love at first sight and the idea “FairLabels” started there.

What we offer: