Starting my blog

So here I am starting my own blog. To speak frankly - I have no idea whatsoever how to start and bring this to life. But you know what: I'll just do it - not much hesitation or overthinking - just do it!

So this blog will be about me and the project FairLabels. I want you to get an idea about how all this started, how the kind of vague idea turned out into this project that is still evolving.

By following me on the blog you will have "behind the scenes views" on my project - which will be

exciting for you and me, because you will become first hand infos on the evolving project and I will be able to reflect on the process and some issues that might come up along the journey.

So this is mainly a start-up blog made from scratch: so please feel welcome to join the journey!

#startup #outofthecomfortzone #intoadventure #fairlabels #socialentrepreneurship